Parc ephemeres histoire

The building that the Bell phone company had had built in 1897 at the southeast corner of the streets Notre Dame and Saint-Jean by the architects Edward and William S. Maxwell.© Bibliothèque et National Archives of Québec. Massicotte albums. 4-31-a

Parc ephemeres histoire

View from above the parking facilities. Photograph from the magazine “Architecture”, Bâtiments Construction, November 1956.

Parc ephemeres histoire

The “Parc Éphémère” parking building in 1997. Photography by Alain Laforest.


The “Parc Éphémère” site has been occupied since the seventeenth century. Many constructs have been following over time as the first headquarters of the BELL company , the parking floor of the Pigeon Hole, as shown in the pictures archived. The multilevel parking was demolished approximately ten years ago with the aim to make room for a condominium development project, the Saint-François project. The later never saw the light of day and the land remained unoccupied until 2009, first year of the “Parcs Éphémères” project.


The Parc Éphémères  project was launched in 2009 by APOLLO AGENCY in partnership with the Business Development Company of Old Montreal.

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