Create the Change in Urban Design

Intervention on the landscape carried out by a passionate merchant, landscapes architecture students and other enthusiasts, aimed at transforming a gray and dreary landscape in a living space with artistical taste; that’s the Pigeon Hole Renewal!

Friche and Famous: The fun is in the park

In a time not so long, Montreal had that reputation, which of collecting wasteland just like staggering number of festivals. Patrick Lalonde, Olivier Lapierre and five other landscape architecture savvy friends, decided to take action into transforming a part of a street in the Old Montreal.

Mange ta ville

“Mange Ta Ville” meets Marie-Josée Gagnon, designer, and Patrick Lalonde, founder.

A small part of the city end to ourselves

For the second year, the small square of Pigeon Hole itself as an example of urban revitalization by becoming temporary Friche and famous, a little landscaping that is the host celebrations until late September.

Parcs Éphémères on a former parking lot

Picnickers driven away from the Place d’Armes for cause of renovation were quick to attend the Friche and famous, a “temporary park” just a little further to the west on Notre Dame, south side. The long bright yellow sidewalk, diagonally positionned across the Pigeon Hole field, named after the multilevel parking lot that was established there before, is the work of a small group of the design environment departement (landscape architecture, architecture, urban planning), animated with the will of appropriation of the city by its citizens.

GLAM Emission

GLAM Emission meets Marie-Josée Gagnon, designer, and Patrick Lalonde, founder.

Short films – Parcs Éphémères

Outdoor creening of Kino short, on Friday, August 20th at 8.30pm at the Pigeon Hole lush park, nestled in the heart of the Old Port (240, rue Notre-Dame Ouest, corner St-Jean, 3 no PhotoService!)

Guy A. Lepage: do not invite him on June 24th, he is working

For the second year in a row, Guy A. Lepage hosts the big show of the National Day at the Maisonneuve Park, in the heart of the district where he was born, almost half a century ago. Approaching its fiftieth birthday, in August, the host, comedian, actor, new dad, new restaurateur and future fifty aged, feels younger and fitter than ever.

Until October 15th – Our selection – Parcs Éphémères

Located a few steps away from the Place d’Armes on Notre-Dame Street West, the Pigeon Hole site is named after the now demolished multilevel parking lot that had originally been built after the Great War. The site has been renovated through a layout designed and built by a dynamic team composed of representatives from various design disciplines.

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