``Parc Éphémère``, before being etablished in 2009
``Parc Éphémère``, edition 2009
``Parc Éphémère``, edition 2010
``Parc Éphémère``, edition 2011


The Parc Éphémère project was launched in 2009 by APOLLO AGENCY in partnership with the Business Development Company of Old Montreal. This project was intended to revitalizing a huge field of Notre Dame Street, the Parc Éphémère, left vacant for over a decade, and to allow its use for the millions of visitors and also workers of the Old Montreal. For three years now, this project has been bringing together stakeholders from the business world, residents of the Old Montreal and the people who are going to take over the disciplines of design, planning, architecture and culture.


The Parc Éphémère is an urban communication solution located in the downtown wastelands. This social initiative can be summarized in 9 points and is applicable to all urban renewal. The methodology is based on a project coordination in the following areas:

1- Urbanism, in collaboration with the city and the district

Methodology :

Study of existing regulations
Understanding urban issues
Animation of the project group

Result : Technical specifications of project feasibility

2- Urban Design, in collaboration with the architectural and landscapes academies

Methodology :

Establishment of an urban development contest with the students involved
Animation and preparation of the technical specifications
Organization of the ideational Charrette and monitoring of the contest

Result : A urban design ready to be established

3- Sites location and identification with local stakeholders and decision-makers

Methodology :

Usage of a list of criteria
Setting up detectors
Organization and monitoring of the negotiation

Result : An official authorization for site(s) utilization

4- Public consultation and dialogue with the local stakeholders

Methodology :

Identification of issues and potential representations
Establishment of an interactional dialogue

Result : A civic validation

5- Volunteering and Civic Participation

Methodology :

Identification and association of individuals driven in the project
Valuing and listening to these figures

Result : A public participation encouraging global reach of the project

6- Construction begins with local teams

Methodology :

Making a budget and purchase tracking
Monitoring the implementation

Result : Installation and integration of urban design

7- Funding research and public/Private partnerships with key economic and institutional actors

Methodology :

Identify and convince local stakeholders to associate their brand in the project
Identification of major sustainable development partnerships to develop a common vision (co-branding)

Result : A project becoming economically viable

8- Sites animation

Methodology :

Setting up an animation program meeting the wishes of the target audiences
Establishment of technical specifications in conjunction with 5 distinct and specific objectives

Result :An animation with the sole purpose to generate traffic and social joining

9- Integrated Communication plan

Methodology :

Establishment of technical specifications to answer the partners’ needs
Implementation of a communication plan to convey the partners’ messages
emphasize all the persons assisting with the project development

Result :Increasing work on the project awareness and capital brand


Mission : Revitalizing urban abandoned urban areas by fighting against each and every form of pollution, and by establishing local concertation promoting civic awareness and social responsibility for the advertisers’ accounts.
Vision : Becoming a leader in the integration of temporary urban communicative solutions in North-East America.


The “Parc Éphémère” is currently the only active ephemeral park. Besides, do not hesitate to let us know of sites or fields we could assess the eligibility of.


The Parc Éphémères  project was launched in 2009 by APOLLO AGENCY in partnership with the Business Development Company of Old Montreal.

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